Meet My Characters!

Phew! (whew?) Ah, man…yet another word I don’t really know how to spell despite my career as a “writer”.

Anyway, PHEW!

I just completed chapter 25 in my new book, Anew. I have been typing nonstop for weeks and I’m proud to announce that I’m almost done! Wow, guys, it feels soooo good to say that. 🙂 I’m, like, really, REALLY excited about this book.

I’ve been living in my characters heads for so long now I’m afraid I might be taking on some of their personality traits…which isn’t really a bad thing…unless, of course, you consider that one of my characters out to kill someone….

But have no fear! I have yet to entertain thoughts of murder. (Well, except for maybe killing my computer because lately it’s decided to just shut down without permission and lose all my work…“Die, computer, Die!” Wait…just kidding! Please, computer, don’t die! I need you. You have all my books saved on your temperamental hard drive. Please stay alive….)

*cough, cough* Okay, back to the post. I thought I would introduce you all so some of my characters in Anew. I can’t introduce you to all of them, however, because then you’d know who the villain was (gasp!) but I’ll introduce you to the main four.

Four is a happy number.

Scarlet Jacobs, main character:

Scarlet’s been cursed to die…but she doesn’t know it…. Scarlet woke up in the forest two years ago without any memories whatsoever. Yikes! She lives in Avalon, Georgia where she’s been trying to piece her life back together under the supervision of her legal guardian, Laura. She only “remembers” three things: Her name (Scarlet Jacobs), her age (seventeen), and a mysterious symbol she doodles all over everything (she’s a doodler). Will Scarlet remember her past before the curse takes her life? Will she ever figure out what that symbol means? Will she ever learn how to dress herself fashionably? –Oh wait, that’s Heather’s job. Who is Heather…?

Heather…(oh wow..I just realized Heather doesn’t have a last name. EPIC FAIL, Chelsea! Note to self: Give Heather a surname, STAT.) Okay, for now…we’re just gonna call her Heather Bristle, because I’m looking at my paintbrushes and that word just came to me. Right. So, on to my next character….) Heather Bristle; Scarlet’s best friend:

Heather doesn’t know about Scarlet’s curse either. Heather is a happy, perky, and somewhat obnoxious blond. She also happens to be Scarlet’s best friend. Heather is boy-crazy, fascinated by Scarlet’s mysterious past, obsessed with fashion, and constantly disappointed by Scarlet’s outfit choices. Heather grew up in the small town of Avalon and works at The Millhouse, a local coffee shop. She spends her free time doing her nails and suspecting Scarlet’s hunky boyfriend of being shady. Who is Scarlet’s boyfriend…?

Gabriel Archer, hot guy:

Totally knows about the curse…and is trying to SAVE Scarlet. Gabriel meets Scarlet at Avalon’s annual Kissing Festival and the two hit it off immediately. (Mostly because Gabriel’s voice sounds impossibly familiar to Scarlet. Hmm….) Gabriel just recently moved to Avalon from New York. He doesn’t like snakes, he smells like mint and he has secrets. Oh, and he’s totally hot. Gabriel’s usually in a pretty good mood…unlike his morally-challenged brother. Who is his brother…?

Tristan Archer, the other hot guy (because there has to be at least two):

Knows about the curse, and will do ANYTHING to break it. Tristan is bitter and brooding…and on a mission to kill. That’s right, I’m talking about MURDER! (cue scary music here) He also happens to be Gabriel’s brother. He has bright green eyes and a few secrets of his own…secrets even Gabriel doesn’t know about. The two brothers have very few things in common but one thing they both share? An attraction to Scarlet….

Let the love triangle begin!

Okay, so…who’s excited? I know I am!!! I can’t wait to share my story with you all! Oh, and stay tuned because the COVER REVEAL for Anew should be any day now! HOLLAAAAAA!!!

Be sure to check out The Archers Of Avalon Website for more details on ANEW and the other books in the series!

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