dedication/acknowledgements – Awry


To my husband, Brett, who encourages me to fly. You are my heart, my soul, my Hunter.


I am so grateful to my grandparents, Johnny and Milly, for their endless encouragement and unconditional love. Thank you for your text messages and phone calls to tell me you’re proud and that you love me. Thanks to my Mom and Dad for believing in me always. You are my home. Thanks to my very first friend and editor, Cameron, for running critical eyes over my story over and over again. You never cease to amaze me with your brilliance at keeping me focused.

Thanks to the crew of the Awry photo shoot: Ashley and Jon, your photographic talents blow my mind and I’m so grateful for your photography work on both Anew and Awry. Ashley, my soul sister, you were a shining light for me this year and I love you like whoa. Lonnie Weisgerber, thank you for being the oh-so-gorgeous face of Tristan and Gabriel. You are so talented and captivating and no one else could have done my characters justice. Kasey Goff, you are Scarlet incarnate and you sweep people away. Thank you for sharing your beautiful face with my readers and for being so beautiful on the inside as well. Cristina Gammage, goddess of hair and makeup, you make everyone beautiful. Thank you for your time and artistic skill in bringing Tristan, Gabriel and Scarlet to life through Lonnie and Kasey. And thank you for always telling me how it is and being my mama bear. Mwah! Sarah Bel Gray, stylist extraordinaire, thank you for putting my characters together and bringing their personalities to reality. You are truly talented. Thank you also for being my very first supporter and always sparking stories in me when we talk about music and heartbreak.

Thank you to Kristen Miller, the hostess with the mostess, thank you for taking care of us all. Thank you for bringing me soup so I would remember to eat, tea so I would remember to sleep, and laughter so I would remember why I write. A huge and very special thanks to my agent, the incredible Suzie Townsend. You rock my face off.

And last, but never least, my husband Brett. You keep the world turning and the house standing when I’m in my cave of concentration. And you feed me. I love that you feed me. You are my Hunter. Always.