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Summer 2016The sequel to Sophie & Carter. <–I know I’ve been promising this for years, but Sophie and Carter’s story was very personal for me so I wanted to make sure I did their sequel justice and gave it all the time and attention it deserved. And now it’s finally coming! Thanks for being patient, guys.

Late 2016 — An MG series about a young girl who moves to the UK and uncovers some ancient magic. This one is SUPER fun! It’s beautiful and mysterious and enchanting and haunting…it’s everything I love about fiction.

Late 2016 — A YA/NA fantasy novel about a warrior girl who falls in love with her enemy. <–This is my favorite story to work on at the moment. I don’t plan to release this for a few years, but it WILL happen. And when it does? Watch. Out. #epic


(I may never publish these stories, but I’m writing them anyway.)

A YA/NA murder mystery. Because I’m ADD and can’t help but skip around different genres. It’s Psych meets Nancy Drew. I KNOW.

A YA/NA Sci-fi story about two slaves who fall in love and try to escape their prison.

A spin-off novella of my Finding Fate series, centered around Ellen’s character. Ellen’s story is, well…hopelessly romantic and I’d love to share it with my new adult fans.

A YA superhero series similar to the X-Men, but more romantic. I’ve already written three books in this series, but they suck. So yeah.

An Archers of AvalonAnew Cover spin-off novella about Heather and Gabriel in New York. Um, hilarious. I’m just saying.

An Archers of Avalon prequel, telling Raven’s dark side of the story. πŸ˜‰

A YA horror novel! I know, I know. Horror doesn’t “sound” like me, but this isn’t your typical horror story. It’s a love story, with some spooky suspense.

A YA contemporary story about the value of time and the choice to be happy. This is a heavy one–heavier than Sophie & Carter–and I basically bawl my eyes out whenever I work on it, so I’m not sure if I’ll ever let anyone else read it.

A YA contemporary about two high school kids who set their teachers up. I effing love writing this one because it’s SO high school. Ah! My favorite. But it doesn’t really have an ending yet.

An NA historical story about a Scotsman and an English girl who fall in love despite the hostile relations between their countries. This is based on the true story of my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents. They did radical things to stay together in a time when loving the enemy was treason, and I think that’s epic and worth writing about.

A YA fantasy about prophecies and chosen ones and magical realms and forbidden love. There’s a good chance I’ll never finish this one because it’s such a long story in my head. But whatever. The hero is humble and the heroine is fearless and that’s my favorite combo, so I shall write on! πŸ™‚

A YA thriller about…well, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. Slowly. And methodically. And then you’d have to keep reading to find out who I am…

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    • Omg Ive read Anew, Awry, and Im currently reading Avow and I LOVE it! No, Im literally obsessed. πŸ™‚ anyway i really want her to write more and i really want to read sophie and carter

      • OMG I am so in love with this series! I’ve read Anew & Awry and am currently reading Avow. I have spent the whole holidays sitting on the lounge with my head stuck in your books! I absolutely love them! These are my favourite books!

  1. How is it that you get me hooked just with the description of your every book? Seriously, I think I’m obsessed! Haha but seriously, love everything you write! And the Heather & Gabriel spin off NEEDS to happen!!!! Love your guts!!!!

  2. I can’t wait for the.sequel to Sophie
    & Carter! Also I am so interested in reading about Gabriel & Heather!! I really hope that gets published. They all sound so good though! I want to read them all!

  3. I am REALLY looking forward to a sequel to Sophie and Carter. I love, love that story. I fell in love with it about ten pages in. And I still love it even after reading like a million times (it’s really only like three maybe four). But I cannot put into words how excited I am. Your other books are on my to buy list and I know they’ll be super good books.

  4. I have seen a few things about a movie or tv series of the archer of avalon. I just want to know if its real? If so I can not wait to see it. I love what you write. everyything that you have wrote I own. Can’t wait for the other books to come out. Also if the movie or tv series is real I will so see it.

    • Film rights HAVE been sold for my AoA series! There’s no production information at this time, but I will certainly keep my readers posted on the status of any possible movie/TV plans. πŸ™‚

  5. I can’t wait for Ellen Marshall’s story because I am part of the 40 something crowd and she is my favorite character. Love can be found even later in life. I know because I found my soul mate at 41. Between us we have 5 girls….3 teens. There is always a lot of love and happiness in my house.
    I really hope that Ellen has her story done and published.

  6. Okay can I just say I LOVE YOUR GUTS?! Just from watching your vlogs and reading your books (over and over again), you seem like the most down-to-earth and fun person!!!! I seriously CANNOT wait to read your new books and am crossing my fingers that the Archers of Avalon and Sophie & Carter sequels get published!! You are an amazing author Chelsea– thanks for putting a smile on my face πŸ™‚

  7. Wow, I seriously want to read more AoA related stuff. A Gabriel and Heather spin off sounds delightful.
    Also, I am seriously interested in seeing a movie/TV of AoA. Has that had more developments???
    Love your books! Thanks for writing and keep it up! β™‘

  8. I really these books… So intense and it just sucks that I read all three books in 2 days. I can’t stop reading them over and over. I keep replaying the book in my head. What was the line “Scar”let said to Tristan in the cabin, ” It feels intimate,” almost like you are part of the story. I am in love with these books and I think that they should be made into movies, you know to see the characters and how intense everything was or maybe a spin off and the story goes into 3 years later and they are mortals and they are not in any danger any more that would be cool too. Any ways yah I am just in love with these books and wish there were more because these are so addicting almost like the fountain of youths water. If you enjoy this book as much as i do then go follow my pinterest board, search “Natalia Beccarelli” and at the bottom there will be a board about these books and if not make sure to read her other books and follow her on all her pages. Love ya Chelsea Fine… Kiss Kiss

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