Book Trailer for ANEW!

Oh, boy! I am freaking out! Are you guys freaking out? I am FREAKING out! Eeek! Anew comes out in 9 days!!! Aghhhhhhh!
Here’s the thing about releasing a new book: It’s super exciting…but also terrifying! Haha. I mean, what if it sucks? (Oh, man…I really, really hope it doesn’t suck….) Eeek!  🙂
Okay, now, down to business….
Below you’ll find the official video trailer for Anew (yay!) I hope you like it….

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Anew (The Archers of Avalon, Book #1)

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  1. The trailer turned out AWESOME! I was already super excited to get a chance to read that book, now after watching that I am even more excited!!!