I have big news, guys. BIG. Are you ready for this?
*takes a deep breath* 
My Archers of Avalon series has been 
optioned for film/TV!
Say whaaaaaaaaat???  *squeals*
What does this mean? Well, mostly it means I’m jumping around like a kid who’s just reached the front of the line for the Dumbo ride at Disneyland. *flails hands and squeals again*
But it ALSO means that Tapestry Films–the same peeps who brought you WEDDING CRASHERS (that’s right, they’re big time)–are hoping to put my Archers of Avalon series on the big screen! Or maybe make it a television series! Either way? Dream. Come. True!
I’m so SO excited! I’m smiling so big my face hurts. Ahhhh! 
So, yeah. Tell your friends, tell your family, and shout it from the rooftops! (But be careful climbing up there because I’d hate to have to you fall off in the middle of your “Archers of Avalon has been optioned for film!” proclamation and land in a garbage can or bounce off an awning or something.)
Are you guys as excited as I am??? *takes another deep breath* It might be a while before I calm down. Like, a day. Or two. Or ninety. 
Bring on a big-screen Tristan Archer! WHOO-HOO!!!

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