The Way To My Heart…Is Through My Feet

It’s no secret that I love shoes. I’m a shoe-aholic, if you will. So you can imagine how much I love receiving a new pair of shoes as a gift. But folks, my good friend Krystal has outdone herself—and set the shoe bar pretty high. So high, in fact, that I’m pretty sure no other pair of shoes will ever compare.

“But why, Chelsea? What’s so special about these shoes from Krystal?”

What’s so special? Well for starters, she MADE them. Yeah. She’s that awesome. But to sum up all the other many factors that make this particular pair of shoes INCREDIBLE they are…

  • made from the pages of a book, a beautiful nod to my ultimate passion (and consequently my profession)
  • and not just any book pages, but the Tenniel illustrations from an amazing little book called Alice In Wonderland. It doesn’t get better than some Alice quotes on my feet. IT JUST DOESN’T.
  • and finally, they are heels. And high heels are like chocolate for my feet. BIG LOVE, people.

Just take a look at their magnificence!

 shoe1 copy shoe6 copy shoe7 copy

And did you see the pearls on the back of each heel? YEAH. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing these babies at every book signing for the rest of my life. They’re THAT perfect for who I am and where my passion lies.

There really aren’t words to express how very much I LOVE and appreciate this gift. So thank you, sweet Krystal, for being my friend. For being my weirdo soul mate. And for making for me possibly the most thoughtful gift of my life. I love your guts!