My Name, In Forbes Magazine

You know that moment when someone texts you and says, “Hey, did you know your name was mentioned in Forbes Magazine today?” and you’re like, “Seriously?” and they’re like, “Seriously” and you’re like, “Uh…WHOSE LIFE IS THIS?!”

Yeah. That moment happened today.

And I am FREAKING out! :)

Forbes Magazine listed me among 18 indie authors signed to traditional publishing houses this year, in an article about the changing climate of the publishing industry. Read the full article here: Is Publishing Still Broken? The Surprising Year In Books

And for those of you who find clicking away to another link terrifying (like you might get lost in cyberspace and spend the rest of your day watching kittens play the harp or something) here’s a screen shot:

Forbes Screen Shot

Forbes Magazine, guys. FORBES! I still can’t get over it.

Sometimes, my life is unreal.